Connor Leeds captures the moment

Driving along the coast, the sun barely peeking over the horizon, the ocean still grey as life enters the dawn. *click* A high school senior stands beaming with excitement as he wears a sweatshirt repping his college decision. *click* A shy friend, who isn’t used to being in front of the camera, poses, trying to create the best position possible. Looking through his camera, Connor Leeds, senior, can see the nervousness in their eyes. As he puts down the camera, he brings his soothing nature toward the model, assuring them be themself.’ *click*

Leeds has been taking photos for six years, drawing interest as he experimented with a GoPro when he was 11 years old. An avid surfer, he made “cool little videos,” of his experiences in the ocean, catching the latest waves with his friends. Yet, as he grew into his GoPro, he developed a curiosity of the advanced photography he saw in magazines and online. Leeds knew he wanted to go all in and hone the craft of photography. 

“I saved up so much money for this New York trip I went on for my eighth-grade year and I got the camera two days before I went on the trip,” Leeds said. “It was so interesting learning how the camera works and taking a ton of photos while I was there… I realized how comforted I was behind a lens and how concentrated I can get.”

Wholly dedicating his free time to behind the camera, Leeds has a high appreciation for taking portrait photos, as he is attached to bringing out one’s personality one of his most popular clients being his girlfriend Taylor Cummings, senior. 

“He loves to crack jokes to make you laugh, and with his kind and sweet nature, you’re bound to feel comfortable (in front of the camera),” Cummings said.  

With the assistance of many of his companions, Leeds’ photography has only improved over the years.  His progress has been evident, especially to his close friend, Ethan Ronk, senior, who frequently goes on shoots with Leeds.

“Every time I’ve gone it’s been such a great experience, he’s so talented and such a great guy. I know he will always has a great vision and he’s so creative and it’s such a great thing for everyone in his environment. Whenever we go on photo shoots, he is just a blast to be around and he always pulls through with the most professional work,” Ronk said.

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