Tough talk lands gang members behind bars, police say

Police have arrested three purported gang members on charges stemming from an incident in May in Thousand Oaks.

On May 8, authorities received a call concerning individuals yelling inflammatory gang terms in attempt to provoke a fight in the 800 block of Warwick Avenue, according to a police report.

Around the same time the call came in, Thousand Oaks deputies patrolling the area drove by the feud, causing the three individuals allegedly yelling to run away before a fight could take place, police said.

Following a two-month investigation, police last week arrested Victor Lopez, 25; Jessica Macias, 22; and Luke Macias, 24, on suspicion of street terrorism and disturbing the peace by offensive language.

According to police, both Lopez and Jessica Macias are documented Thousand Oaks gang members and Luke Macias is a member of a Santa Paula gang.

At the time of their arrest, Luke Macias and Lopez were on supervised release from prior criminal charges, police said.

All three suspects currently remain in custody.

Bail for Luke Macias is set at $230,000; bail for Jessica Macias is $200,000 and for Lopez is $110,000.

Jaycen Sussman

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