Julia Berman maximizes theater’s potential

Anxiously scribbling and preparing for their next show, the many students of the theater department are all exhausted. Yet, the word exhausted is not tolerated in the Performing Arts Center (PAC), as there is always work that must get done to stay on schedule. Staying on-task is the key to success in the theater department, and this success is met with the high-pitched, booming voice of senior Julia Berman.

Berman has always had a high expectation for getting the job done, no matter how loud she needs to get. But after spending all of her high school career with the theater department, she has figured out what works best for each performance.

“I learned how to communicate a lot better. I have met a lot of people that I might not necessarily agree with, and maybe we have our moments, but you have to come together with them in the end, and work with them no matter what; for the greater good of the club or play,” Berman said.

In addition to communication, self-reliance is what has led Berman to acquire higher roles within the theater department. Berman tends to various positions such as head of lighting, the assistant director to the upcoming show ‘Antigone’ and president of the Drama Club.

Berman has produced a name for herself within the school’s department with her contributions. Max Oliver, senior, has grown close to Berman over the past years working coherently with her in the department and knows she resembles raw perseverance and dedication towards the program. With her ecstatic personality cheery smile, she brings light to everyone in the PAC and each individual she influences.

“Many people in the PAC look up to Julia for guidance, but are also not afraid to look to her as a friend. She is a multifaceted individual who everyone has the ability to form a connection with,” Oliver said.

With the many people she has touched through her enthusiasm, Berman’s personality has left a mark on Marilyn Strange, Theater Arts Director. Working with Berman since her freshman year, the two have grown together and have a bond unlike any other.

“I have had the pleasure of watching Julia grow into the talented lighting designer and leader that she is, over the years in the theatre department. She is confident in her work, puts her innovative style on the stage consistently, and is constantly pushing herself as an artist to grow. I have been able to see her blossom under professional internships she has acquired and learn a lot of professional ‘tricks of the trade’ that she happily teaches to others in our department.  I have no doubt she would make it in the industry as she graduates from NP to move on to the bigger and better,” Strange said.

Berman has impacted all students surrounding her, whether it be through sheer panic while working on a performance, or teaching and influencing new members of the department. Berman intends to continue inspiring others in this field at the professional level after high school.

“When you put on a show, (you have) that initial feeling of dread, because you are so scared and so nervous your work won’t pay off, but it always ends up paying off in the end. That feeling of relief in the end is so addicting, it what keeps me wanting to do this and what makes me want to do this forever,” Berman said.

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