Past Panthers return with college advice

On Jan. 9, the NPHS Annual College Forum was held in the Performing Arts Center. The conference allows for current high school students to ask questions and hear about recent Panther graduates’ experiences in college.

Jordan Jomsky, alumni, served as a panelist at this event, answering the questions of current panthers.

“Well I’ll say that I was so inspired by the sophomores that attended the presentation. I’m happy that everyone got something out of my experiences as well as my peers,” Jomsky said.

With the event being run in a ‘Q and A’ form, Jomsky was excited that he was able to inform future college students on his experiences and what to expect in the coming years and offered advice to all students who will someday go to college. Jomsky made sure to talk about what he would have done if he could go back and informed his peers.

“(I) definitely talk(ed) about keeping your options open and investing in your future and happiness over college ranking,” Jomsky said.

Making sure to advise all to learn from what he experienced in high school, he left some strong advice to those in attendance.

“Always get back up after any bad test, grade, or experience. There is literally nothing that can happen that can stop you as long as you can keep trying,” Jomsky said.

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