Beating the crowd – 13106 brings a new view to music

It takes time and effort to rise to the top and live reality as a dream. Amongst the rising stars, a local group by the name 13106 has emerged into the public eye and intends to one day make a name for themselves in the everlasting music industry.

A self-produced rap group, 13106 creates everything they work with from scratch. Guitarist Roman Blaze, senior, along with co-producer and mixer and master Marvin Coti, senior, combine ideas to assist in creating beats used in each song. Producer, Erik Uriostegui, senior, creates the music used in each song. Spending countless time using and perfecting the utility of the Apple software Logic Pro X, Uriostegui has trained to one day become a producer and quickly learned what skills it takes to succeed in this career path.

“Sixth through eighth (grade) I took percussion and marching band… so I have rhythm, you know you gotta have rhythm, you gotta have balance,” Uriostegui said.

Between the talents of Blaze, Coti and Uriostegui, top quality music is produced, but every group needs a voice. The sound of 13106 comes from rapper Lucas “Luey” Nelsen, senior, who adds the cherry on top in separating the group from their competition.

“We’re really young for what we’re doing right now. The views that we’re getting and the support we have, it’s pretty amazing. You don’t see many high schoolers taking on this industry, so we can connect with the younger generation much better than,” Luey said.

The independence that 13106 has is one of their greatest assets being in the music industry.

“Something I think that separates us is we do everything. We make the beat from final mix to final vocal wave. We don’t need help from outside sources,” Coti said.

A unique sound is crucial in order to keep their growing audience, and with their hard rap atmosphere, the group surpassed 25,000 listens on SoundCloud. To listen to 13106, visit for their latest tracks.

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