Board elects new CVUSD superintendent

The Conejo Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) school board voted unanimously, 5-0, to elect Dr. Mark McLaughlin as the new Superintendent for the district Tuesday, Nov. 7. McLaughlin’s new position with the board began the following day, Wednesday Nov. 8.

McLaughlin has been with the board for several years, serving as Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources until June, where he was elected as Interim Superintendent for the summer.

“In my former position as Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, I learned the importance of building positive working relationships with colleagues. A key part of my job responsibilities was to lead monthly communication meetings with all of our employee union groups. This role allowed me to be a leader in finding solutions to best address employees’ concerns,” McLaughlin said.

During his time as Interim Superintendent, McLaughlin also created the slogan “The Conejo Way” which dignifies all the positive aspects around the community. The motto turned into a hashtag representing the district in its entirety and what it stands for as a school system.

McLaughlin has spent years with the community and is excited to continue his path as Superintendent.

“There are many things that I would like to accomplish during my tenure as Superintendent, one of the most important of which is to continue to implement and properly support all of the great things currently happening at our school sites,”  McLaughlin said.

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