Press box memorializes Carr

As the sun set in the horizon, the crowd stood for the National Anthem at the second home football game of the year. Immediately after, the attention was brought to a new banner, shining with glory, hanging from the press box, that read “Darrin Carr.”

In December of 2016, English teacher Darrin Carr passed away. On Sept. 8, several students and teachers came together at the football game to remember Carr and name the press box after him.

Jill Magnante, English teacher who developed a close personal relationship with Carr, appreciated the dedication. “How do you honor someone who really made a difference,” Magnante asked. “The opportunity to name the press box after him was a neat way to show the difference he made in the school, not just in the classroom but really in a variety of ways.”

Kelly Welch, athletic director explained the reasons behind naming the building after Carr: “Carr had served as our scoreboard and clock operator for football for many, many years. We felt he spent so much time dedicated to our athletic department and to our sports supporting our students cheering them from the booth silently that it was an appropriate location to honor him and recognize him.”
Steve Lepire, principal, knew Carr because of their involvement in the athletics department. Lepire was the assistant principal in charge of athletics and Carr was the head coach of the softball program.

“When you looked up at the press box you would always see him in the left hand side taking care of the clock and making sure it was done right and in the professional way,” Lepire said.

The press box will forever reflect Carr’s name onto the football field. The banner will allow future generations of students to remember his impact on the athletics department.

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