Student versus Teacher: March Madness

Jarod Norton, sophomore, v. Scott Ellis, history teacher


1.What was the final score of the championship game for this year’s March Madness?

Ellis: I know it was a five point game… 65-60?

Norton: 71-68 or something like that.

Answer: 71-65.

Number one seeded North Carolina scored 71 points to win its sixth championship, while both contestants are yet to score.

Ellis: 0

Norton: 0


2.What school has won the most tournaments? And how many?

Ellis: UCLA, 11.

Norton: UCLA, I’ll go with 11 as well.

Answer: UCLA, 11.

Ellis was quick to answer this one, maybe his UCLA teddy bear is giving him good luck.

Ellis: 1

Norton: 1


3. Only one school has won the Men and Women’s tournament in the same year twice, what school was it?

Ellis: I’ll go with UCONN.

Norton: It was UCONN.

Answer: UCONN.

Ellis: 2

Norton: 2


4. Were there any perfect brackets this year?

Ellis: No, there were not.

Norton: No! South Carolina messed everyone up!

Answer: No.

Norton must know the pain South Carolina caused everyone.

Ellis: 3

Norton: 3

5. What is the lowest seeded school to ever win a tournament?

Ellis: Wow, um I’ll guess eight and NC State.

Norton: Didn’t Villanova win at number eight?

Answer: Villanova, eight.

Ellis: 3

Norton: 4


6. How many teams competed in the very first NCAA tournament?

Ellis: The very first one… four.

Norton: They just started with the Elite Eight.

Answer: Eight.

Ellis: 3

Norton: 5


7. Name a school who made their first Final Four appearance this year.

Ellis: Oh there was a couple, South Carolina and Gonzaga

Norton: It was Gonzaga right?

Answer: South Carolina or Gonzaga.

Ellis knows his basketball, he will receive an extra point for getting both teams.

Ellis: 5

Norton: 6


8. How many brackets are filled out each year?

Ellis: Um, five million.

Norton: Let’s go with 150 million.

Answer: 70 million.

That must be close to how many goals Norton scores in water polo.

Ellis: 5

Norton: 6


9. How many times has a 16 seed beat a number one seed?

Ellis: Zero.

Norton: Well in the men’s tournament, zero.

Answer: Zero.

Comebacks are always possible!

Ellis: 6

Norton: 7


10. What are the odds of filling out a perfect bracket?

Ellis: Poor.

Norton: Let’s go with one in a trillion.

Answer: 1 in 9 quintillion.

Good answer from Ellis, but not quite enough to pull him ahead.

Ellis: 6

Norton: 7


Norton Wins!

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