Learning to Live and Love

Taken by: Caitlin Henderson

Love is a diverse word we use today. I can say I love my friends and I love my family, but at the same time I could also say I love football. The act of loving someone or something can come in many forms; if you’re in love with a person, you may buy them flowers or take them out to a nice dinner and if you’re in love with in this case, football, you may watch every game for your favorite team all season long.

I am 100 percent in love with football. It’s a part of my life that affects me day-to-day. It affects me as a person and affects my future as a sports broadcaster, but at the same time my friends and family have a similar duty. They motivate me to be successful and are happy for me when I am.

I live for friends and family. They serve some of the greatest purposes’ in my life; whether it be giving me reassurance when I need it most or just giving me a shoulder to lean on.

If you truly love something, it affects you as a person. I’ve learned that in many ways. Recently, I faced a challenge I haven’t in years… and that was love for another person outside of my friends and family. When I realized I liked this person, I had no idea where to start, so I spent time thinking of all the ways I could to get to know her. You might say I focused a little too much time on this.

Needless to say, I was being held back. Tasks I would complete every week began to get postponed. My love for football, the game that fuels my future, became less of a priority and I wasn’t motivated to get things done anymore. It didn’t take melong to realize I had to move on. Yes, I wish things would have worked out, but one thing I do know is that my priorities will never change.

This made me think a lot about my life choices. If I’m too busy to handle a relationship … then where does the perfect balance lie? When is it time to take a break and enjoy some time with friends? Well to be frank, I don’t know.

I’m still looking for this perfect balance, but in the great game of life you can’t always get this balance. We live life filled with work and study, and sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves to the point where we forget what’s important, the things we truly love.

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