Keeping your eyes on the prize, but forgetting what’s truly important

Taken by Caitlin Henderson

When an athlete goes pro they have one goal; win a championship. Some will do whatever it takes to win a championship even if it means leaving everything behind and moving to a new team. A player like Kevin Durant caused a lot of controversy by doing this simply because he had everything he needed to win a championship, yet he gave up on his team. The reason I think Durant moved to the Warriors from Thunder is simply because he gave up, he thought that by switching teams he will be able to get ring and frankly this just made him look desperate and lazy.

Durant is taking the easy way to success, and eventually he will get his ring, yet he will never feel the accomplishment of bringing Oklahoma their first title, (which he could have done). I don’t agree with Durant’s decision because he made the decision to take the easy path to a championship opposed to truly working for it… but the more you think about it, doesn’t everyone prefer the easy way? When we are faced with everyday challenges we are prone to taking the easier way to get out of the problem.

We as high school students have a lot on our plate. We need to make sure we are keeping our GPA up, maintaining a social life, participating in extracurriculars and much more, so we are sometimes forced to take the easy way to get tasks done. So why do I disagree with Durant’s decision so much if we students take an easier path?

We are driven by success and like Durant, students want to be victorious. But you can’t be successful if you give up. Durant had all the materials he needed to put a ring on his finger, yet he was tired of being too close, in result he packed up and left. We can’t just pack up and leave high school, but we can sometimes give up on it. We have the materials to succeed as a student. There are teachers everywhere with the same goal as you; they want to be successful, and that comes from making you a success.

The goals we have as students drive us through high school, whether it is to get an A in your Math class or to make sure you graduate with a 4.2 GPA, our goals keep us going everyday and they are truly important. Just like you and me,  Kevin Durant has a goal; and that is to retire with a ring on his finger.

Although I don’t necessarily agree with his decision, I understand why he made it. Durant has worked his whole to get where he is today and he deserves a ring.

Nobody said success comes easy… we need to work hard. But if we can remember that school is truly important to our future, like Durant, we can be successful.

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