Fall Sports Rookie Stars

Every year there are new freshman who are ready to play sports for our school. All though most of them need to work their way to the top, a select few are making a big impact to their sport and are determined to make a name for themselves.

Name: Sarah Wang

Grade: 9

Sport: Tennis

Position: Doubles

Assets: Coach Kick comments on Wang and the team’s mindsets, “Sarah, [like] so many people on this team, they just have incredibly positive, infectious attitudes. They come out every day with enthusiasm and playing better than they did the previous day. That improvement is just contagious, and positively influences the team.”

Experience: “3 years, I think, all I know is that I’ve been playing for a while,” Wang said.

Goals: Wang likes playing and being on the team, and that she wants to improve her game. “I think I’ll get better at it, and I’ll learn how to play better,” Wang said.


Name: Olivia Coronado

Grade: 9

Sport: Volleyball

Position: Setter

Assets: Teammate Isabella Rapmund (freshman) said, “I mean it’s hard, but if she practices hard, she’ll probably make the [varsity] team.”

Experience: Coronado has been training to play this position for years saying, “I have years of club and years of high school ahead of me, but I’m putting a lot into volleyball right now going towards being on varsity the next three years.”

Goals: Coronado hopes to make varsity next season and plans on playing post high school as well. Rhyse Schoelle (freshman) said, “It’s a pretty big commitment, but I definitely think she has the talent to play at the next level.”


Name: Grant Coats

Grade: 9

Sport: Water Polo

Position: Set

Assets: Teammate Chris Boudreau (sophomore) said, “If he continues, down the road… he will do very well on varsity.”

Experience: Coats is not a newcomer to water polo. He said, “I’ve just been playing club for many years, and I’ve just been striving for the best I can be. I’ve been working on some areas that I need to get better in.”

Goals: Coats hopes to continue his journey with water polo after high school and play at a college level. “I plan on trying to get a scholarship to a good college, that’s probably one of my main goals.”

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