Biggest Impacts in the NBA Off-Season

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This NBA off-season was one of the most unpredictable in history, here are the top 10 additions and losses from this summer.


10. Timofey Mozgov to the Los Angeles Lakers

Every player that hits the market the Lakers will most likely need. Signing Mozgov will not only be a big impact to the team, but he will bring a new element of force and strength to the Lakers franchise. Mozgov will bring a powerhouse skill set the Lakers have lacked for years.


9. Luol Deng to the Los Angeles Lakers

Another key addition to the struggling franchise, Luol Deng will be a big signing for the Lakers. His ability to shoot three pointers and the way he moves in the paint are two skills the Lakers desperately need. I can definitely see a new duo between Deng and DeAngleo Russel.


8. Derrick Rose to the New York Knicks

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Rose was beginning to have a Hall of Fame career in Chicago, yet due to recent injuries the Bulls traded Rose for a second round pick. Players can always bounce back from injury although the Bulls clearly think that they no longer need the former MVP. The Knicks are still rebuilding, but adding Rose could be a big addition.



7. Rajon Rondo to the Chicago Bulls

Maybe getting rid of Derrick Rose wasn’t such a bad idea. Picking up Rondo will definitely add depth to the Point Guard position that the Bulls have lacked since Rose’s injuries. Rondo is a big addition for the Bulls with his speed and ability to fake the ball.


6. Pau Gassol to the San Antonio Spurs

The Bulls traded another player, but this is not on the decline. Gassol was traded to the Spurs this off-season and will be replacing the former all star Tim Duncan. This was a big addition to the Spurs but a bigger loss to the Bulls.


5. Dwayne Wade to the Chicago Bulls

The Bulls have been in almost every conversation in this article. Miami had a key play maker who was very important to that team yet, now that Wade is on the Bulls their season is up in the air. The Bulls lost a lot of big players this off-season, but adding Dwayne Wade is only going to help them.


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4. LeBron James New Deal – Cleveland Cavaliers

After taking down the hottest team to win the NBA Finals, there was no doubt LeBron deserved high numbers in his next contract. Cleveland fans have nothing to worry about because the King signed a three year $100 mil. dollar contract. So with LeBron and Kyrie Irving heading into the season, the Cavs are looking like they can repeat another title.


3. Tim Duncan Retirement – San Antonio Spurs

After playing in the league for 19 years, the five time NBA champion decided to throw in the towel. Duncan was selected first overall in the 1997 NBA Draft and won rookie of the year in the 97-98 season. The fifteen time all star never enjoyed the spotlight, but had an amazing career.


2. Kevin Durant to the Golden State Warriors 

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“If you can’t beat them, join them”, is what Kevin Durant was thinking this off-season. Durant and the Thunder could have taken on the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals this year, yet they let the Warriors come back from a 3-1 deficit. Signing Durant should be a huge addition, but the reason some people are skeptical is because of the Warriors team chemistry. If Durant messes with the chemistry it will hurt the team big time, but if he works his way into the franchise, the Warriors will be unstoppable.


1. Kobe Bryant Retirement –  Los Angeles Lakers

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After his 20 year career with the Lakers, Kobe Bryant said goodbye to the game of basketball for good this season. Kobe was known for never passing the ball and his last game was no exception. The Lakers came back to beat the Utah Jazz 106 – 96 and Kobe gave the crowd a show. On his last game the Mamba scored 60 points! This game was arguably one of the best ways for Kobe to go out, other than a championship. Five time champion Kobe Bryant is not only a future Hall of Famer, but one of the best who grazed the court. Now that Kobe is gone the Lakers are a new franchise and they will have to fill a position that has served them well for 20 years.


What do you think of my list? Leave a comment down below on how you think the teams above will do with these additions and/or losses.

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