The Top NFL Teams to Watch in the 2016-17 Season

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The NFL season is only weeks away, and with a crazy off-season, I am going give you 10 teams you must watch this year.


10. The Houston Texans

The Texans may have finally found a franchise QB. Signing Brock Osweiler this off-season is defiantly going to add depth to that Texans offense because they finally have someone solid to get the ball to DeAndre Hopkins and rookie Will Fuller. The Texans have everything going for them at the moment, so if they stay healthy expect to see them in the playoffs.


9. The Seattle Seahawks

The Legion of Boom is here and ready for the season. Losing Marshawn Lynch this off-season will hurt the team in the locker room, but not too much on the field. Running back Thomas Rawls will be a good fit in that offense with Russel Wilson and Doug Baldwin. But we can all agree that if the Seahawks are hot, they are one of the best teams in the league.

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8. The Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings haven’t been talked about a lot this off-season but they will definitely be a top team this year. Rookie Laquon Treadwell will absolutely be a big factor to the offense if he can work with Teddy Bridgewater and Adrian Peterson. The Vikings can go deep in the playoffs this year, but first they need to make sure they can make field goals when they need them.


7. The Los Angles Rams

For the first time in 21 years, football is back in Southern California and the Rams have kept us interested all summer. The reason they are on this list is because of all of the excitement surrounding the franchise right now. Reality is, they won’t make the playoffs for a couple more years and they are still rebuilding, but Hard Knocks is great this year!


6. The Pittsburgh Steelers

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Entering the off-season one of the best teams in the league everyone was excited to see how deep the Steelers would go this season…then Martavis Bryant got suspended. But it’s alright because they are getting LeVeon Bell back! Nope he is expected to be suspended the first four games of the season. The Steelers schedule is up in the air right now, but hopefully DeAngleo Williams with his pink hair can save them.


5. The Oakland Raiders

Is this the year we see silver and black in the playoffs? Possibly! The Raiders are without a doubt on their way to stardom but first they need to break 10 wins. Derek Carr and Michael Crabtree are definitely a duo to watch this year, so expect to see the Raiders in the post season in the not to distant future.

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4. The Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers, Eddie Lacy and now they have Jordy Nelson back! The Packers are always a big team in the league and we saw what they were able to do last year without Jordy Nelson. Adding Nelson and now thinner Eddie Lacy back to this team will definitely have it’s perks.


3. The Baltimore Ravens

Injury, after injury, after injury. This was how last season went for the Ravens. Then in the off-season they attempted to sign every possible player they could have needed. When Baltimore adds all of their injured players from last year back in the lineup and combine that with all of their free agent signings…watch out!


2. The Denver Broncos

The champs are back! But without a quarterback! Or at least a solid one. The Broncos still have the best defense in the league, yet with this QB situation in the air, it is going to be an interesting season for the Super Bowl 50 Champions.

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1. The Dallas Cowboys

If they stay healthy the Cowboys are easily one of the best teams going into this season. Health will be a huge factor for this team for 3 reasons. Tony Romo, Dez Bryant and now Ezekiel Elliot…it doesn’t get much better than that, but they need to stay healthy. And if they do, is this the year Romo gets a ring?

What do you think of my list? Leave a comment down below on your top teams to watch this season.

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